Who we are ?

We are Capitaleo,  a human-size company.

The story

It all begins in 2004, with the creation of my first company, EVOLUCIEL, specialized in e-marketing and corporate services. After a very high growth and motivated by the desire to go one step further, i made the decision in 2015 to incorporate a subsidiary abroad.

Naturally curious, adventurer and under the supervison of a lawyer, i started alone the creation of my company in Latvia. I had obviously totally underestimated the task… After 4 months of administrative procedures and a lot of time consumed, one conslusion was clear : setting up a company abroad is a task for specialists !

However, i have never regretted my choice, going beyond the boarders has represented an important factor of economic growth, which ugely outpaced the initial investment.

From this adventure Capitaleo was born ! with our all inclusive solutions, we give an affordable an easy access to the global market for SMEs and entrepreneurs.

Capitaleo, it’s today 6 employees who support various customers in several sectors and pursuing the same goal, your success.

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Offices in France and Latvia :

Our team

Our credo

Make accessible and affordable to SMEs and entrepreneurs the establishment of a company abroad.