Set up your company abroad

to develop your activity,

& increase your profits!

Capitaleo provides an all inclusive solution dedicated to SMEs

How does it work ?

Who uses

our services ?

Mainly SMEs willing to set up a branch in Europe, Asia and North America.

There are plenty of opportunities to be seized on the global market. Look further, look bigger!

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Optimize your logistic and delivery fees.

IT Sector

Choose a  smooth company structure and find qualified IT developers.


Carry your goods within the European union at the lowest cost possible.

Crypto Investor

Find the most suitable legal environement for your activity.


Hire qualified workers all over the EU countries.

What is your field of activity?

There are many reasons of creating a company abroad.

Percentage of companies eligible to our services.

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Our experts will asses your request and evaluate wheter or not a company abroad is suitable to your needs.

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support you to develop your activity worldwide.

Set up a company abroad is complicated,

we make it easy.

Company creation

Our team takes over all the paper work and register your company.

Opening of your bank account

We advise you on the most suitable bank to your needs and open your bank account(s).

Service providers

We find for you the providers suitable to your activity : accounting, legal services, IT infrastructures...


Need to hire staff? Capitaleo takes care of it all for you: job ads, selection of applicants, tests, draft of employment contracts…

Develop your activity!

Your company is all set up! You have for one year time a dedicated consultant that you can call at your convenience.

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